Are Hedgehogs Legal In Nevada?

Hedgehogs are exotic animals that people like to keep as pets. Before getting a hedgehog, you must ensure that you comply with the laws of the place you live in. You should research and know whether you can keep a hedgehog. If you do not do so, the authorities can take your hedgehog away from you.

So let’s take Nevada for example. Are hedgehogs legal to keep as pets in Nevada?

Hedgehogs are legal in Nevada. So you can keep these small spined animals as your pet.

Nevada is one of many states that allow hedgehogs to be kept as pets. Unfortunately, many states do not allow hedgehogs as pets because they are exotic and may threaten humans. However, if you reside in Nevada, you can easily get a pet hedgehog.

Do You Need a Permit to Own a Hedgehog in Nevada?

You do not require a permit in Nevada if you want to own a hedgehog.

Unlike many states that require a permit, you can walk into a shop or contact a breeder if you want a hedgehog. However, although Nevada allows keeping hedgehogs, the local laws can be stricter.

Where Can You Buy a Hedgehog in Nevada?

As the laws regarding keeping hedgehogs as pets are lenient in Nevada, you can get a hedgehog pretty much anywhere.

Before you purchase your hedgehog, you should do some research about breeders.

Please ensure that you choose a reputable breeder for the hedgehog you choose. Many breeders practice inbreeding which results in hedgehogs with medical and physical problems. The breeder you select should not be practising inbreeding, or you will not get a healthy hedgehog.

If you are not willing to spend a lot on your hedgehog, you can always adopt. Many hedgehogs are rescued and put up for adoption.

You can check online or go to pet adoption centres for your pet hedgehog. Please be wary about people who claim to have rescued hedgehogs but sell them at high prices.

Due to the relaxed laws, you can easily find hedgehogs in pet shops. In states where the laws are strict about hedgehogs, it can be not easy to get one. However, you can walk into local pet shops in Nevada if you wish to purchase a hedgehog.

When compared to other states, Nevada has the most lenient laws regarding owning exotic pets. A unique pet is something great you can show off and easily own in Nevada. However, although the laws in the state may be lenient, the local laws can be strict.

For example, areas like Las Vegas and Clark County have strict laws for exotic pets.

Therefore, before you choose to buy any exotic pets, you must research and ensure that you comply with the local and state laws. It may be hedgehogs may be legal in Nevada but might not in your precise locale.

Some pets that you can own in Nevada apart from hedgehogs are:

Tigers: You can own this majestic animal in Nevada without a license.

Lions: The king of the jungle can be in your home, which shows how lenient Nevada laws can be.

Pet Lion Nevada

Ferrets: Ferrets are small mammals that make great pets. If you live in Nevada, you can get a ferret as your furry friend.

Elephants: An animal on the list which is as surprising as the lion is an elephant. You can own an elephant in Nevada.

Ostrich: As a resident of Nevada, you are allowed to keep an ostrich as your pet.

These are some of the exotic pets that you can keep in Nevada. Although the state allows private ownership of these animals, you cannot release them in the wild. If you wish to release your pet in the wild, you must inform the relevant authorities.

Animal cruelty laws protect all animals in Nevada. Whether you have an exotic pet or a household pet, it is protected by the state. If a pet is subjected to cruelty, the owner will be punished as per the laws, and the pet can be taken away from them.

Which Animals Are Illegal in Nevada?

While so many exotic animals are legal in Nevada, some are still not allowed to be kept as pets.

Foxes: As per Nevada laws, you are not allowed to keep foxes as pets. All species of foxes are illegal. However, in some states, Fennecs are kept as pets because of their small size.

Skunks: Skunks are fascinating creatures, and if they are domesticated, they have to remove their scent glands. Many states consider removing the scent glands as a cruel practice. Hence, skunks are illegal to be kept as pets in Nevada.

Pet Skunk Illegal Nevada

Raccoons: Many states in America allow raccoons to be pets but not Nevada. Raccoons bit a lot and are carriers of certain diseases that can be harmful to humans.

Wolves: You are only allowed to keep a wolf or a hybrid if bred in captivity. You cannot keep wild or captured wolves as pets in Nevada.

Bats: You cannot keep bats as pets as keeping them in captivity is cruel to them. Moreover, bats are also known to be carriers of rabies.

If you are caught in possession of an illegal pet, the authorities have the right to take it away from you.


Many states of America follow strict laws when it comes to exotic pets. However, compared to other states, Nevada has lenient laws.

So, are hedgehogs legal or not in Nevada? You are allowed to keep a hedgehog as your pet in Nevada. You can get a hedgehog from a breeder, a pet shop, or choose to adopt one. You do not require a license or permit if you want to keep a hedgehog in Nevada.

However, local laws can be stricter than state laws.

All animals are still protected under the animal cruelty law. If your pet, whether an exotic or household one, is being mistreated, you will face the consequences. Before getting any pet, ensure to check whether it is allowed in your state.

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