Are Hedgehogs Legal in Florida

You may be a big hedgehog fan, but it is important to know if it is even legal in your state before you get one. While hedgehogs have become popular pets, these small mammals are exotic, so not every state allows them as pets. So, are hedgehogs legal in Florida?

Hedgehogs are legal in Florida, and you do not even need a permit to keep one.

Many states do not allow hedgehogs to be kept as pets. However, Florida has relaxed laws when it comes to keeping hedgehogs. You can fulfil your hedgehog dreams without applying for a permit. Therefore, if you live in Florida and wonder about hedgehogs, this is your clue to get one now!

Which States Do No Allow Hedgehogs as Pets?

While most states in the United States allow hedgehogs as pets, unfortunately, hedgehogs are illegal somewhere. It is important to comply with the law of the state you live in; otherwise, you may face some serious repercussions. Here are some of the states which do not allow hedgehogs as pets:

California – The state of California does not allow hedgehogs to be kept as pets. Hedgehogs do not naturally occur in California, and therefore, there is always a danger of them being released in the wild and harming others. All species of hedgehogs are illegal in California.

Georgia – The state of Georgia does not allow exotic animals as pets. Hedgehogs are one of these exotic animals which are illegal. Unfortunately, the law exists, and no changes have been made.

Hawaii – You cannot keep any species of hedgehogs as pets in Hawaii.

Boroughs of New York City – All five boroughs of New York City have made hedgehogs illegal.

Pennsylvania – While Pennsylvania does not indirectly make hedgehogs illegal, the strict laws prevent people from getting one. You can only keep a hedgehog in Pennsylvania if it has been in the state since 1992. In addition, you cannot import hedgehogs because it is illegal. Furthermore, it is also illegal to house an imported hedgehog.

Arizona – To keep a hedgehog in Arizona, you will need a permit. Unfortunately, it is not easy to obtain a permit.

Idaho – Idaho only allows African Pygmies to be kept as pets.

Oregon – In Oregon, only African Pygmies can be kept as pets.

Wisconsin – If you want to keep a hedgehog as a pet, you will require a permit in Wisconsin.

Maine – Maine requires you to have a permit to keep hedgehogs as pets.

New Jersey – You also need a permit in New Jersey to house a hedgehog.

Wyoming – Wyoming is another state where you need a permit to keep a hedgehog.

Why Are Hedgehogs Illegal?

Some places, unfortunately, do not allow hedgehogs as pets. One of the reasons hedgehogs are illegal in some places is that they do not naturally occur there. Hedgehogs are classified as exotic animals. If hedgehogs are released into the wild where they do not belong, they can cause harm and inconvenience.

Therefore, many places have made hedgehogs illegal.

However, hedgehogs are also made illegal because people confuse them with other harmful animals like porcupines. Despite this fact, you should still avoid keeping a hedgehog as your pet if it does not comply with the rules of the state.

Can I Own a Hedgehog Illegally?

Different countries and states have their own rules when it comes to hedgehogs. Some may permit keeping hedgehogs as pets, while others have made it illegal. Whichever country or state you belong to, it is important to comply with the laws.

Owning a hedgehog illegally will be putting your own pet at risk as you will be harming it more. Wherever you are, hedgehogs are illegal, and your pet can be taken away from you regardless of its breed. In addition, you will also be required to pay a fine. The cost of the fine varies between states and countries.

Moreover, apart from paying for the fine, you will also be required to pay for the cost of removal.

Some states have strict laws and require the person to serve jail time. Owning a hedgehog illegally will put its life at risk. You will always be in fear of exposing it and, therefore, may not even find or take your hedgehog to the vet as a result.

It is important to take your hedgehog to a vet that has experience dealing with exotic animals. Moreover, hedgehogs require consistent checkups as they can get sick easily.

It is still risky to keep a hedgehog even if you have found a vet because they may be legally required to report your hedgehog.

Therefore, you must not own a hedgehog illegally. Not only will you face the repercussions, but you are also putting your hedgehog’s life at risk. The hedgehogs which are reported go to a rehabilitation facility and may also get euthanized.

Hence, it is in your best interest to comply with the laws where you live.


Hedgehogs are exotic pets that have recently become popular pets. However, there are still many places that do not allow hedgehogs to be kept as pets. You can, however, keep hedgehogs as pets in Florida. Moreover, you do not require a permit to keep a hedgehog as a pet.

While many states allow hedgehogs as pets other than Florida, there are some that have made this completely illegal or require a permit.

Some of the states which do not allow hedgehogs as pets are California, Georgia, Hawaii. Other states may require a permit if you want to keep a hedgehog as a pet, including Oregon, Idaho, Maine, and New Jersey. If you decide to own a hedgehog illegally, it will get taken away from you.

In addition, you will have to pay the cost of removal as well as a fine. Moreover, depending on where you live, owning a hedgehog illegally will also require you to serve jail time.

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