Are Hedgehogs Illegal In Texas?

Hedgehogs are adorable little mammals that people enjoy keeping as pets. These tiny creatures, with their sharp quills, are quite exotic. However, unlike other exotic wildlife such as lions or tigers, they are harmless. If a domesticated hedgehog is left in the wild, it is highly unlikely that it will survive.

However, being exotic means they are illegal in some states. But are hedgehogs illegal in Texas?

Hedgehogs are not illegal in Texas, and you can keep one as a pet. 

The law to keep exotic animals as pets is different in every state. Whichever state you reside in, you need to abide by the law. If you are in a state that does not allow hedgehogs to be kept as pets, your pet can be taken away from you.

Why Is It Illegal to Own A Hedgehog in Texas?

As much as some people believe, hedgehogs are legal in Texas. It is not illegal to keep one as a pet. However, hedgehogs are illegal in some states. Hedgehogs are viewed as exotic animals that can be a danger to their surroundings.

Hedgehogs are not harmful. Often lawmakers confuse them and misclassify them as dangerous animals. However, misclassification of hedgehogs should not be a reason for you to keep them if you reside in a state that does not allow them.

Who Can Get a Permit to Own a Hedgehog in Texas?

People planning to become pet parents to hedgehogs do not require a permit.

However, people who have decided to breed hedgehogs and sell them are supposed to have a permit. There is also a permit that is issued to people who are rehabilitating wildlife. This can include orphaned or injured hedgehogs that cannot survive in the wild.

If you reside in Texas and want to bring a new hedgie into your life, feel free to do so because it is completely legal!

However, before you get a hedgehog, it is still best to check with your vet or the wildlife department in charge to make sure that it is legal at the time as laws are constantly being tweaked, changed, revoked or created.

Which States Are Hedgehogs Illegal In?

Although it is perfectly legal to house a hedgehog in Texas, it is still illegal in some states.

California – Keeping a hedgehog as a pet in California is illegal/restricted. All species of hedgehogs are restricted to be kept as pets. This is because hedgehogs if released into the wild where they are not naturally born, can become pests.

Are Hedgehogs Legal in California

Georgia – Animals under the law in Georgia that are exotic cannot be kept as pets. Unfortunately, hedgehogs are one of these exotic animals. Some efforts are being done to make hedgehogs legal in Georgia.

Hawaii – All species of hedgehogs are illegal to be kept as pets.

Boroughs of New York City – The five boroughs of New York City do not allow hedgehogs to be kept as pets.

Pennsylvania – You can keep a hedgehog as a pet if it has been in the state since 1992. Importing hedgehogs and housing one that has been imported is completely illegal. Such tricky rules discourage people from keeping hedgehogs at all.

Arizona – To own a hedgehog as a pet in Arizona, you need a permit. However, obtaining a permit for the hedgehog is difficult.

Idaho – You can own an African pygmy but not a European hedgehog.

Oregon – You can own an African pygmy but not a European hedgehog.

Wisconsin – Owning a hedgehog in Wisconsin requires a permit.

Maine – Owning a hedgehog in Maine requires a permit.

New Jersey – Permit is required to own a hedgehog.

Wyoming – Owning a hedgehog in Wyoming requires a permit.

Wyoming Hedgehogs

Can Hedgehogs Be Kept as Pets in Other Countries?

Apart from the United States, other countries also have rules regarding wildlife. These laws differ from country to country. Before getting a hedgehog as your pet, make sure you confirm the laws.

Australia – Australia is a country famous for its exotic wildlife and plants. It also ensures that it implements strict laws to protect wildlife. Hence, it is no surprise that both European and African breeds of hedgehogs are illegal to be kept as pets.

United Kingdom – In the United Kingdom, you can become a pet parent to an African pygmy. All animals are protected under the Animal Welfare Act.

Canada – Canada does not allow keeping the European hedgehog as a pet. However, it does allow keeping the African pygmy as a pet.

Do Hedgehogs Make Good Pets?

Hedgehogs are adorable tiny creatures. These mammals are often confused with porcupines that can exhibit dangerous behaviour. Often, people make the mistake that hedgehog do not make good pets. They are actually some of the best animals you can have as pets.

Hedgehogs are small and require little space. These spiny animals will lay their quills flat to show that they trust you. You will find that hedgehogs love to cuddle and fall asleep. You will not find them stinky, and they make no noise. Hence, you will not feel disturbed at all.

If you are looking for a pet to hug and pet, hedgehogs may not be for you. They like quiet and to be left alone at most times.


It is often assumed that hedgehogs being exotic animals are illegal in Texas. However, owning a hedgehog in Texas is perfectly legal. Being a pet parent, you do not require a permit or a license. However, if you are a breeder or someone handling wildlife, a license is needed.

Before you get a hedgehog, it is still best to consult your vet or the wildlife department to ensure that you are not breaking the law.

Despite being legal in Texas, many states do not approve of hedgehogs as pets. Some of these states include Georgia, Wisconsin, the Boroughs of New York City, and more. Internationally, many countries do not allow hedgehogs to be kept as pets, especially in Australia.

Even though hedgehogs have always been labelled as exotic or dangerous, they make great pets. They are often confused with porcupines and hence classified wrong, causing them to be illegal in many states.

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