Are Hedgehogs Friendly to Humans?

When you decide to get a pet, you may wish to get an affectionate one. While many people find keeping hedgehogs as pets odd, some love them as pets. Before getting a pet, it is important to know its nature, to ensure that you will get along with it. As hedgehogs are solitary animals, many people question: Are hedgehogs friendly to humans or not?

Contrary to popular belief, hedgehogs are friendly to humans. 

As with all animals, how friendly a hedgehog will seem to be will differ from one to another. Hedgehogs may not appear friendly because they are solitary animals. In addition, hedgehogs can easily get nervous around new people, noises, and surroundings.

Therefore, when you get a new hedgehog, it may stay curled in a ball until it feels comfortable and adjusts to its environment. 

Do Hedgehogs Like to be Petted?

The natural thing to do when you get a pet is to pet it, of course. However, even if hedgehogs have been with you for a while, they may not instantly like getting petted. Hedgehogs are different animals from cats and dogs, and therefore, you need to try a different approach with them. 

It is important to bond with your hedgehog and let it know that it can trust you before touching it and petting it. You can just spread your hand in front of your hedgehog, letting it sniff you, so it gets adjusted to your smell. 

If you feel that at any point your hedgehog feels uncomfortable, you should draw your hand away. You can tell that your hedgehog does not enjoy the petting if it begins to huff and puff or attempts to curl into a ball.

In this scenario, you must give your hedgehog some more time to adjust. 

Petting Hedgehogs

Despite wanting to pet, many people do not know the correct way to do so. The first important thing to know is to be gentle with your hedgehog. Pick your hedgehog slowly, letting it smell your hand and approaching it from the front.

Moreover, please wait until the hedgehog spines down, indicating that it is comfortable and relaxed. 

You can rub your hedgehog at the top of its head. In addition, you can also stroke your hedgehog from its back to its tail. It is important to remember not to stroke your hedgehog the other way, or you can hurt yourself.

Always pet your hedgehog in the direction of its quills.

Do Hedgehogs Bond with Humans?

Hedgehogs can be affectionate animals despite being introverts and can bond with humans. Even if a hedgehog bonds with its owner, it will not show affection the same way cats and dogs do. 

Hedgehogs can nibble and kiss their owners as a sign they love and recognize them. These small mammals are shy by nature, but you need to spend some time and develop a bond with them. In addition, getting a younger hedgehog will make it easier for you to bond with it. 

Many owners have shared that their hedgehogs recognize them and respond to them after they hear their voices. The best way you can get your hedgehog to know you is through scent. You can leave your shirt in your hedgehog’s cage so it can sniff it and get acquainted with your scent.

Moreover, another way to bond with your hedgehog is to hold it close and give it cuddles. Your hedgehog can also sleep on you, showing that it trusts you. Another way to get your hedgehog to trust you is to talk to it while giving it food or cleaning its cage. 

You can also get your hedgehog to know you better if you play with it. Playing with your hedgehog is important as it provides them with exercise and gives them mental stimulation. 

Are Hedgehogs Friendly to Other Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs do not care for companions and prefer being on their own. Therefore, you do not have to worry about leaving your hedgehog alone as they do not mind. Hedgehogs only mate, and even after that, they go their separate ways. 

In fact, it is discouraged to keep two hedgehogs together as it can result in fights and serious injuries. However, female hedgehogs are more tolerant towards other females as compared to male hedgehogs.

Therefore if you have to keep hedgehogs together, you must keep the females. Male hedgehogs do not accept other male companions due to being dominating and territorial. You can, however, keep a young hedgehog with an older one.

If you are not a professional breeder, you must avoid keeping a male and female hedgehog together. Keeping the two hedgehogs can result in an unwanted pregnancy, or both can end up fighting and hurting each other. 

You must never put two hedgehogs together directly. It is important to introduce them slowly. Otherwise, they will not get along. It is best to keep your second hedgehog in another cage, put the side of the cage by the side and see how they both react to their presence. After a few meetings this way, you can see how they behave outside the cage. If the hedgehog tolerates each other, you can put them in a cage. 

It is still essential to keep an eye on the hedgehogs as fighting can break out. Look out for any signs of aggression, and if there are, you must separate them immediately. 


Hedgehogs are friendly animals as opposed to popular belief. These small mammals do not look friendly because of their solitary nature. Hedgehogs are known to bond with their owners and show affection. You can bond with your hedgehog by spending time talking and playing with it. 

Hedgehogs may not like to be petted instantly, but once you have gained their trust, they will let you. It is important you pet the hedgehog in the direction of its quills. Hedgehogs cannot tolerate other hedgehogs in one cage. Therefore, you must avoid putting them together, or it can result in fights. 

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