Are Hedgehogs Fast?

Your average hedgehog may not appear to be athletic, but to an extent, it is. Hedgehogs have been known to run.

Hedgehogs are not fast. They can reach up to 4 mph. When compared to other animals, hedgehogs are fairly slow.

Hedgies can run a little quicker or slower according to their size, weight, and heredity. The top speed of a hedgehog varies slightly based on its age and other limiting factors.

Hedgies rarely reach this top speed unless necessary, preferring to forage and investigate their surroundings slowly and with a waddling stance.

In comparison to guinea pigs, hedgehogs move at a slower pace. Cavies also run faster than hedgehogs and can sprint up to 5.5 miles per hour.

Hedgehogs are fast for their physical limitations but slower than other animals. However, when you see them jogging in real life, you might be startled. It does not appear to be that sluggish.

Are Hedgehogs Fast Like Sonic?

No, hedgehogs are not fast like Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog, of Nintendo fame, would have you believe that hedgies can move at some record pace but this is simply not true. The reason for Sonic the Hedgehog being a hedgie is unknown but the portrayal of their speed is false.

Unfortunately, they can only travel at up to 4 mph… Hardly super sonic speed!

Are Hedgehogs Fast Like Sonic

Is Running Important for Wild and Pet Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs in the wild need to run for a variety of reasons.

One of the most obvious reasons is to avoid being eaten by predators. It is usually advantageous for a little animal to run and hide under rocks and other difficult-to-reach hiding places where larger predators cannot get them.

Hedgehogs have a significant advantage over most other animals of comparable size in that they can protect themselves by rolling up into a ball with their quills.

When it comes to acquiring food, hedgehogs rely heavily on their ability to run.

They have been observed to eat frogs, birds, mice, and even tiny snakes in the wild, in addition to worms and insects. Therefore, hedgehogs must be quick on their feet and can change pace as necessary.

Pet hedgehogs do not get nearly as much exercise in captivity as they do in the wild.

This can cause them to become obese over time, which is a common problem with pet hedgehogs. According to the specialists at Vetmed, hedgehogs are naturally sporty animals. Letting them run daily provides them with a consistent means of staying fit and healthy.

On the other hand, running is not only helpful for fitness; it is also one of the finest ways for a hedgehog to stay mentally stimulated.

Do Hedgehogs Like Running?

Yes, hedgehogs like to run and are adept at it.

While their pace is slower than that of many other creatures, they are nevertheless remarkable in their capacity to cover enormous distances.

Hedgehogs in the wild run for miles to stay in shape, which is why their owners set up wheels to allow them to exercise as much as they need. Some people prefer to let them run around within the house to keep them healthy and fit.

Before allowing your hedgehog to run, you must ensure that the area is completely safe. They tend to hide in small holes or gaps and under high surfaces, which is a source of concern.

If you let them move, there is a good risk you will lose them, and finding these little creatures can be stressful. They may also become disoriented if they cannot find their way back into their enclosure. As a result, they frequently flee and vanish.

Furthermore, you must offer adequate illumination as well as food and water bowls throughout the house. You should also make your home injury-proof since they may be wounded if they fall down the stairs or jump from a high vantage point.

Finally, because they tend to excrete when running, you will have to pick up their droppings regularly.

Are Hedgehogs Active Animals?

Yes, hedgies are active animals because of their willingness to run.

Hedgehogs are more active at night than during the day, and their circling, as well as the noise, can disrupt their owners’ sleep. However, if they are provided with a comfortable environment, they will be at ease, resulting in fewer activities.

For example, they could be given a wheel to run on; it would be a good exercise for them, and it would keep them from being bored in their tank.


Hedgies have been known to run, but in comparison with other animals, they are slow. How fast a hedgehog would run depends on factors such as its size, weight, and heredity.

This little mammal does not often reach top speed until it needs to while foraging or hunting.

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