Are Hedgehogs Expensive?

Before purchasing a hedgehog, or any pet for that matter, it is essential to research its price so you know if you can even afford it. Since hedgehogs are categorized as exotic animals, there are always questions about whether they are expensive to purchase or not.

When compared to the cost of other pets, hedgehogs are expensive to buy.

How expensive your hedgehog will be is dependent on its colour and the type of breed it is. Other factors are considered, such as their age and nature. Moreover, it also depends on whether hedgehogs are bought from a breeder or a shelter.

Usually, breeders will sell hedgehogs at a higher price than animal shelters.

Are Hedgehogs Expensive to Buy?

Hedgehogs are unique and not your average pet. Due to this factor, these little mammals are expensive to buy. On average, hedgehogs cost between $100 to $300. These prices may vary according to the breed, age, and nature of the hedgehogs.

The most common hedgehog kept as a pet is an African pygmy because of its small size. Hence, this breed is one of the most expensive breeds of hedgehogs.

One of the cheapest hedgehogs you can get is the salt and pepper hedgehog. Other cheap hedgehogs include the cinnamon hedgehog, whereas the pinto hedgehog is relatively expensive.

Blonde and black hedgehogs are some of the most expensive hedgehogs. Apart from this, albino hedgehogs, due to their rarity, are also sold at higher prices.

Breeders will, of course, charge higher than shelters. If you are on a budget, you can search animal shelters from time to time to see if they have hedgehogs. There are also rescue hedgehogs that are put up for adoption.

You should, however, remain wary of people who claim to be rescuers but are breeders.

Are Hedgehogs Expensive to Keep?

Hedgehogs may not be your typical pets, such as cats and dogs, but they are cheaper to keep and maintain. Annually, keeping a hedgehog would cost you between $200 to $600.

You will need to buy additional necessary items, such as bedding and cages, which are not included in this cost. Moreover, buying a hedgehog itself is a cost that is also not included.

If you are dealing with a sick hedgehog, the costs will go up. These are rough estimates that can increase or decrease according to changing circumstances.

How Much Does a Hedgehog Cost Per Month?

Keeping a hedgehog as a pet will require you to maintain it as well. Hedgehogs are not like cats and dogs and will require care and attention according to their specific needs. Several costs go into caring for a hedgehog.

When you do decide on housing a hedgehog, there is an initial cost of buying it. This alone would cost you between $100 and $300, depending on what breed you choose and age.

Apart from this, there are also monthly expenses that you need to think about.

Again, as aforementioned, hedgehogs are not cheap pets to buy. And if you consider buying rare hedgehogs such as black or albino, they will cost you more. You will also need to calculate how much you require to buy equipment, such as a cage for your hedgehog and bedding.

The supplies you will need for your hedgehog to thrive is a big cage, big enough for your hedgehog to scurry in. You will also require good-quality bedding. Moreover, it would be best to have a wheel for your hedgehog to run and get exercise. These supplies will cost between $200-$700.

Monthly, your hedgehog will cost between $20-$60.

These expenses include visits to the vet. If your hedgehog is sick, your monthly expense can go as high as a few hundred dollars. Hedgehogs require experienced vets to look after them.

Hedgehogs tend to hide their illness. Due to their small size, hedgehogs are also prone to becoming obese, and hence, it is best to keep up with visits to the vet.

You will also need to consider the cost of food. This cost depends on which food you decide to purchase. The higher the quality of food, the more expensive the food cost will be.

Usually, dried cat food proves to be a good option for hedgehogs. You will also need to add the cost of fresh food and treats for your hedgehog. If your hedgehog is to be litter trained, you will need to add the litter’s cost.

The bedding for your hedgehog is not a one-time purchase. Hedgehogs tend to be messy and dirty, and hence, you will need to change the bedding often if there are any damaged wheels or bulbs that would also need to be replaced.

Your hedgehog needs mental stimulation. Hence, you will need to purchase some toys for it to play with. You can get these toys from various places. Toys with multiple textures will keep your hedgehog happy and healthy.


It is important to consider all the costs of keeping a hedgehog before you go out and buy one. If you feel like you cannot keep up with a hedgehog’s expenses, you should not get one as they require constant care and attention.

Hedgehogs are expensive relative to other pets such as cats or dogs. These spiky mammals cost between $100-$300, and the cost can go up or down depending on their breed, age, and size.

Hedgehogs are not as difficult to maintain. The initial expense of getting a hedgehog is high. It is difficult to detect any illness in hedgehogs as they tend to hide it. Hence, if you are dealing with a sick hedgehog, your monthly expenses can increase by a lot.

You require a licensed practitioner who has experience dealing with exotic animals for your hedgehog. The costs of keeping a healthy hedgehog monthly are $20-$50. These expenses do not include the initial costs.

You will need to consider the expense of monthly vet visits, bedding, litter. This also includes maintenance costs such as changing bedding and repairing any damaged lightbulbs or wheels.

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