Are Hedgehogs Easy to Take Care of?

Hedgehogs can be intimidating for most people because of their quills. Therefore, not everyone prefers to keep a pet hedgehog. These small mammals are unique and have their own needs, which their owners should be aware of. So, are hedgehogs easy to take care of or not?

Contrary to popular belief, hedgehogs are easy to take care of. 

A great thing about having a hedgehog as your companion is that it is low maintenance. You do not have to do much with hedgehogs, like training them or playing with them. Hedgehogs prefer solitude and require little interaction.

The only thing you need to be careful about is their hygiene, food, and health, which comes with all animals. Hedgehogs are the best choice if you have a busy schedule and still want someone to come home to. 

Do Hedgehogs Make Good Pets?

To decide whether hedgehogs make good pets, you need to know all the possible information about them. Owning a pet is a long-term responsibility, and you should only get a hedgehog if you are sure it is the right fit for you. 

Hedgehogs make good companions for people as they are solitary animals. For someone with a busy schedule, hedgehogs fit right in because they do not require a lot of playtime as opposed to other pets. For instance, dogs require a lot of attention and training. But with hedgehogs, you should spend enough time to bond with it, so it gets to know you. 

The hardest part of getting a hedgehog is making it feel comfortable. Hedgehogs are introverts and can get nervous around new surroundings, people, and smells. Therefore, when you bring your pet home, it may stay curled in a ball.

You need to give it some space and time before it adjusts to its new home. The best way to bond with your hedgehog is to make it accustomed to your scent. You can leave your shirt in its cage, so when you come to meet it, it recognizes you. 

Perhaps a problem you may encounter is knowing when your hedgehog is sick. Hedgehogs are not exactly the most communicative animals. These mammals tend to hide their illnesses until they feel worse.

Moreover, sometimes the illnesses remain unidentified. Therefore, it is essential to make visits to the vet.  In addition, you must also find a vet who has experience treating exotic animals.

Hedgehogs are also prone to gaining weight. As pet parents, we can fall into our pet’s cuteness trap, feed them more than we are supposed to and give them treats. However, the hedgehog’s small size gains weight easily, which can become a problem as it makes it more susceptible to diseases. Also, an overweight hedgehog cannot turn into a ball. Therefore, you must observe moderation when feeding your hedgehog. 

But all in all, hedgehogs are not challenging to keep. These small mammals require the same care and love that other pets do. In fact, with the little attention they require, hedgehogs are easier to keep than most pets which makes them a good choice. 

Are Hedgehogs Expensive to Take Care Of?

Keeping any pet requires you to take care of it and maintain it. Therefore, with maintenance comes a little spending. Taking care of a hedgehog does require money, but not as much as other pets like dogs. However, when you get a hedgehog, you will need to make some initial investments in essentials like a cage. 

If you do decide on getting a hedgehog, you will also have to spend on getting one. Usually, you can find hedgehogs in the shelters, but they are old. If you are looking for a young hedgehog and a particular breed, you will have to contact a breeder. The hedgehog alone can cost you between 100 to 300 dollars. 

Next, you will have to invest in a cage and, along with it, some important accessories. For instance, hedgehogs love to run on the wheel, and they need to do so as it provides mental stimulation. In addition, you will need bedding for the hedgehog’s cage, so it stays nice and warm.

If you plan to have a water bottle for the cage, you will need to get that. All the supplies can cost you a maximum of 700 dollars. 

While the initial cost is high, you will need to make arrangements for any pet you get. The monthly expenses after the initial can range between 20 to 30 dollars. You will need to spend on food, and most owners prefer giving cat food kibble or hedgehog kibble.

In addition, you also need to put some aside for vet visits. Fortunately, hedgehogs do not require any shots, but they need to be taken to the vet every month as they hide their illnesses. 

Some owners like to litter train their hedgehogs. If you plan on doing the same, you will also have to spend monthly on litter. 

As you can see, only the initial costs are high, but that comes with any pets you may choose to get. In addition, it is important to know that unprecedented illnesses can cause your cost to go high due to vet visits and treatments. 


Hedgehogs can seem intimidating to most people because of their sharp quills. Therefore, most people are still not comfortable with the idea of keeping them as pets. Hedgehogs are low maintenance and make great pets for especially for people who have a busy schedule.

Hedgehogs do not require a lot of interaction as they prefer to be alone. You need to give your hedgehog the same care and love as you would to any other pet. 

The initial cost of getting a hedgehog can be high because you have to invest in a cage and accessories. However, taking care of a hedgehog is not as expensive as opposed to other pets. But, any unprecedented illnesses can cause you to spend more on vet visits and treatments.

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