Are Hedgehogs Dangerous to Dogs?

If you have a dog, but you want to get a hedgehog, it would be a good idea to learn if hedgehogs can be dangerous to your pet. Hedgehogs are solitary animals that love being alone, which means they will not interact as much with your dog. But are hedgehogs dangerous to dogs in any way?

Hedgehogs can be dangerous to dogs because they can transmit diseases to them. They will not, however, attack dogs. 

Hedgehogs are prey animals; therefore, they will not attack your dog or cause any physical harm to it.

However, if your dog gets close to the hedgehog, it will turn into a spiked ball, and your dog will know to stay away from it. However, despite this, there are still dangerous diseases that hedgehogs can pass to dogs and cause them to get seriously ill.

Do Hedgehogs Carry Diseases Harmful to Dogs?

While hedgehogs look adorable, unfortunately, they are carriers of dangerous diseases like salmonella. Moreover, hedgehogs also have external parasites like ringworm, harmful fleas. So your pet dog may be at the risk of contracting these diseases from your hedgehog.

One of the biggest risks that your dog faces is contracting salmonella. Salmonella is transferred through food and water source. Hence, keeping your hedgehog’s food and water bowl clean and not let your dog drink or eat from it is important.

Salmonella Dogs Hedgehogs

There are certain symptoms you should look out for to know if your dog does not have salmonella. Some symptoms of salmonella are dehydration, laziness, and depression. If you notice such symptoms in your dog, it is best to contact the vet immediately.

Hedgehogs also carry zoonotic infections, which means they can also transfer diseases to humans. Therefore, you must also steer clear of habits that could lead to exposure to these diseases along with your dog.

Can Hedgehogs Be Around Dogs?

Although hedgehogs are solitary animals and do not enjoy the presence of other hedgehogs, let alone animals, there have been cases where they co-exist with dogs.

The trick to making your hedgehog get along with your dog is to introduce them slowly. Since hedgehogs can get easily stressed, it is best never directly to introduce your dog to one. Dogs are jolly and energetic, and the energy can be too much for hedgehogs to handle.

Hedgehogs can be around dogs; however, that does not mean that you should leave yours alone with your dog. Even if your hedgehog is comfortable with your dog, you should never leave both unsupervised.

Animals are unpredictable, and your dog can harm your hedgehog by being curious or too friendly. Moreover, your dog can also hurt itself if it gets too close to your hedgehog’s quills. Therefore, for the safety of both your pets.

How to Introduce Dogs to Hedgehogs

As aforementioned, you must introduce your dog to your hedgehog directly. Hedgehogs can get easily stressed and nervous, and it is not good for their health.

The best way to begin introducing both your pets is through their sense of smell. Dogs and hedgehogs both have an excellent sense of smell. To familiarize your hedgehog with your dog, you can leave your dog’s toys in your hedgehog’s cage.

Moreover, you can do the same for your dog by giving it your hedgehog’s toy or anything which has your hedgehog’s scent on it.

Next, you can introduce your pet but by putting them both in their carriers. If your hedgehog has never been in a carrier, please ensure it gets used to being in one. It would help if you placed the carriers in front of each other but at a safe distance.

Next, you must wait and observe how each of your pets behaves. If your hedgehog seems agitated, or you find it angry, huffing, and puffing, it is best to separate both the animals.

Sometimes, dogs may start to bark when they see hedgehogs for the first time, and the loud noise can startle them. You can try making both pets used to each other in their carriers. However, if you notice any of them being scared or stressed, it is best to stop the introduction.

How friendly and accepting your hedgehog is towards your dog also depends on its personality. While some hedgehogs are introverts, some can be open to other pets. However, you must never force your hedgehog to be around other animals if it is not comfortable.

Moreover, before introducing your hedgehog, you must also observe your dog’s behaviours. Not all dogs have the same personality. Some dogs are calmer than others. Therefore, your dog should be curious when introducing it to your hedgehog, but it should also be gentle.

At the same time, your dog should be able to familiarize with the hedgehog’s quills and quickly learn that they can hurt it. Therefore, naturally, your dog should maintain a safe distance from your hedgehog itself, which is important if they both co-exist in peace.


Hedgehogs make popular pets, and one known quality about them is their introverted nature. Hedgehogs do not like being around other animals; therefore, people with pets are often discouraged from keeping them as pets.

However, many dog owners wish to keep hedgehogs as pets and wonder if hedgehogs can be dangerous to dogs. While it is unlikely that hedgehogs can cause physical harm to dogs, they may carry dangerous diseases your dog can catch.

Dogs are at the risk of catching salmonella from hedgehogs and external parasites like fleas, mites, and ringworm.

Hedgehogs can be around dogs only if they are comfortable with them. Therefore, it is best to introduce both the animals slowly and practice patience. Even if your hedgehog becomes comfortable around your dog, you must never leave them alone and keep an eye on them.

You can introduce your hedgehog to your dog by putting them in carriers and keeping them at a safe distance. Then, if they become comfortable, you can let them be together without the carriers.

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