Are Hedgehogs Colour Blind?

It is a known fact that hedgehogs do not have the best vision. These small creatures have eyesight limited to outlines and shadows. Apart from having a bad vision, there is also speculation that hedgehogs are colour blind. But are hedgehogs colour blind or not?

Hedgehogs are not entirely colour blind, but they do have limited colour vision.

When compared to the human version of colour blindness, hedgehogs are considered colour blind. Hedgehogs have two types of cones which make their colour vision limited. They are only able to see some types of colours.

What Colours Do Hedgehogs Like?

If you are a new pet parent to a hedgehog or have been for a while, you would have noticed that hedgehogs are drawn to certain colours more. It has been generally observed that hedgehogs have colour preferences.

Hedgehogs are usually drawn to colours such as green and blue. Most hedgehogs like dark colours better than light ones. Some steer away from bright colours too.

It is not just bright colours that hedgehogs tend to avoid but also those that are shiny or reflective. They prefer much more muted and dull colours. As with most pets, over time you’ll begin to understand what colours your particular pet likes and doesn’t like.

Do Hedgehogs Have Good Vision?

Unfortunately, when it comes to normal vision, hedgehogs have poor eyesight. If compared to humans, hedgehogs have bad overall vision as well as depth perception. These tiny creatures can only see the outlines of shapes and objects.

Bad eyesight does not bother the hedgehogs because they do not really need stellar vision to stay alive. These small animals come out at night and are nocturnal; therefore, the poor vision does not bother them.

You need to consider how a wild hedgehog lives and how they would have evolved over time. Hedgehogs hunt at night. Their senses have evolved to make it as easy as possible for them to hunt. This is why their ability to see colours and light is poor.

Can Hedgehogs See the Colour Red?

Red is often not seen by most animals. Hedgehogs can only see shades of yellow and green well. Coincidently, yellow and green are what the worms that they eat look like!

If you, therefore, want to light up a room while you’re working for example without having an impact on your hedgehog then using a red light can work.

Can Hedgehogs See in the Dark?

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and are active during the nighttime. They are active and hunt for food at night. However, hedgehogs are not blessed with great night vision. These creatures can only see outlines and shadows.

Hedgehogs are heavily dependent on their hearing and smell. Their tiny but sharp ears can pick up sounds and stay wary of predators.

Their pointed nose enables the hedgehogs to smell prey from above inches of soil. Hence, hedgehogs do not require their vision.

Can Hedgehogs See in the Dark

Do Hedgehogs Like Lights?

As hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, they require steady light for a minimum of 12 hours a day. There should be a light placed above the cage- you can also set a timer to shut off automatically. One cannot rely on natural light as it comes and goes.

Keeping hedgehogs in the dark for long periods can cause them to go into hibernation mode.


Hedgehogs are not entirely colourblind, but as per human standard, they are. These tiny creatures only have two cones, whereas humans and other primates have three.

Hedgehogs have preferences for colours and really like green and yellow, which is also the colour of worms. They respond differently to different colours. Many hedgehog owners have observed that their pets like darker colours more than lighter ones.

These spiky mammals have terrible vision, which is limited to only shadows and outlines. They are dependent mainly on their sense of smell and hearing.

Hedgehogs have many needs that should be considered. They require constant light throughout the day as they are nocturnal, and little light can make them go into hibernation.

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