Are Albino Hedgehogs Rare?

Hedgehogs are one of the most common pets in North America. Albinism is a rare condition, which results in cells not producing melanin. Very few hedgehogs are born albino and are highly sought after.

Albino hedgehogs are extremely rare. Only one in 100,000 hedgehogs are born albino.

These hedgehogs are born with a rare recessive gene. Therefore, no melanin pigment is present in their eyes, Skins, or spins.

How Are Hedgehogs Born Albino?

Albinism is caused in almost all animals. Albinism occurs when cells cannot produce melanin, the pigment needed to give color to eyes, skin, hair, and scales. If both the parents of an animal have the condition, it is passed down to their offspring.

This condition naturally occurs in hedgehogs as well but is extremely rare. If two albino hedgehogs are bred, then their offspring will have albinism too.

How Much Are Albino Hedgehogs?

When getting any pet, it is important to think about the expense of owning it. Hedgehogs’ costs vary depending on where you get the hedgehog from. The color and species of the hedgehog make the most difference in the price of hedgehogs.

A normal hedgehog can cost between $150-$300, depending on who you purchase it from.

When buying from a breeder, a white hedgehog (rare) can cost between $250 to $275. At the same time, an Albino hedgehog (very rare) can cost you anywhere between $275 to $350. Due to the rarity of the pet, it is very expensive.

Where To Buy an Albino Hedgehog?

Hedgehogs, in general, are found in very limited pet stores in the country.

Therefore, albino hedgehogs cannot usually be found in pet stores. Furthermore, even though Hedgehogs are cheaper at pet stores, they are not very healthy. Hence it is recommended to buy from a breeder.

Even though a breeder may be charged higher prices, it is a much safer bet as you get a well-cared-for, healthy hedgehog. It is recommended to buy from a reputable breeder.

Are Albino Hedgehogs Good Pets?

Just like hedgehogs, Albino Hedgehogs make great pets too. The African pygmy hedgehog is the species that is most sold as pets. Albino hedgehogs make good pets as they are entertaining, quiet, and active for the responsibility.

In addition, hedgehogs are great companion pets, as they like isolation and get attached to the owner. But hedgehogs require a lot of care, so you should be prepared. As they are nocturnal animals, you will have to take care of them in the evening or at night.

Albino hedgehogs can have quite a few health problems. Firstly, as melanin is not produced in their body, some can be blind or colour blind. Therefore, they require special attention and care. Other common hedgehog health problems affect Albino hedgehogs as well.

How Long Do Albino Hedgehogs live?

On average, hedgehogs live between 3-7 years as pets. However, in some rare cases, hedgehogs can live a lifespan of 8-10 years. Keeping hedgehogs as pets comes with being safe and providing sufficient food to live a long life.

In the wild, their lifespan is almost half, living around 2-3 years. The main reason for this difference is that hedgehogs in the wild must fight predators.

Albino hedgehogs live around the same life span as normal hedgehogs, but they have some extra health problems leading to an earlier death.

Factors That Affect an Albino Hedgehog’s Lifespan

There are several factors that will have a direct impact on how long an albino hedgehog will live:

  • Genetics
    Hedgehogs can have a wide range of genetic problems. Hence, buying from a responsible breeder is important. However, if ethical and smart breeding practices are used, the chance of your hedgehog having genetic health problems is quite low.
  • Diet
    Just like any other animal, your hedgehog’s diet will significantly affect its lifespan. If your hedgehog does not get the necessary nutrients and vitamins, it can have several health problems.
  • Amount of Exercise
    Albino Hedgehogs are prone to obesity. This is because they do not move around and are quite lazy. Therefore, exercise daily can greatly influence your hedgehog’s lifespan.
  • Quality of Life
    Hedgehogs are animals that can be stressed very easily, impacting their lifespan. The quality of your hedgehog’s life will influence its stress. If you plan on buying a hedgehog, make sure you can give them enough attention.
  • Medical Care
    You must monitor your hedgehog’s health regularly. Rather than visiting the vet only when something bad goes wrong, you should regularly bring them for a checkup. By doing so, you will avoid any small issues turning into serious issues that negatively affect your hedgehog’s lifespan.
  • Disease and Sickness
    These are one factor that you cannot control as hedgehogs are sick commonly. However, if these other factors are taken care of, the chances of getting sick are greatly reduced.

Are Albino Hedgehogs Blind?

Contrary to popular belief, Albinos are not blind. However, they are just as likely to be blind as any other hedgehog. Many people believe that Albino Hedgehogs are blind because they have red eyes, but this is not true.

However, the absence of melanin can result in abnormal eye development, which leads to problems affecting depth perception and focus.


Albinism occurs in hedgehogs when the cells do not produce melanin. The absence of melanin in the body results in colourless eyes, skin, hair, and scales as there is no pigment. Hedgehogs with albinism do exist and are quite rare. Albino hedgehogs are one in 100,000 thousand. If both hedgehog parents are albino, they will pass down the gene to the baby hedgehog.

Albino hedgehogs are more expensive than normal hedgehogs because of how rare they are. The price for an albino hedgehog ranges from around $275-$350. Hedgehogs are found in very limited pet stores, and breeders mostly sell them.

Albino hedgehogs, due to their rarity, may only be available with a breeder. Therefore, it is essential to get in touch with a good breeder; otherwise, there can be genetic problems. Albino hedgehogs have a lifespan of around 3-7 years.

You can keep your albino hedgehog healthy with a good diet and daily exercise.

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